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Outage Management

Outage Management

Tempat Tanggal Investment (IDR)
Bandung 22-24 Januari 2019 6.000.000
Bandung 19-21 Februari 2019 6.000.000
Bandung 19-21 Maret 2019 6.000.000
Bandung 16-18 April 2019 6.000.000
Bandung 18-20 Juni 2019 6.000.000
Bandung 16-18 Juli 2019 6.000.000
Bandung 20-22 Agustus 2019 6.000.000
Bandung 17-19 September 2019 6.000.000
Bandung 15-17 Oktober 2019 6.000.000
Bandung 19-21 November 2019 6.000.000

Introduce :

Maintenance Planning, Scheduling, Cost Control and Outage Management is designed to build competency in Work Control as a primary skill set in the Competency Map for Facilities Maintenance Management. The course will focus on the six phases of work management (work identification, planning, prioritization, scheduling, execution and history capture). Also covered will be: optimizing preventive and condition-monitoring activities, critical equipment analysis and critical spares control, managing shutdowns/turnarounds, emergency response work, and developing meaningful Key Performance Indicators. The objective of this course is to develop a sound understanding of work control so that delegates’ work management systems can be improved and streamlined to gain the results of higher productivity, greater equipment/process reliability, and lower operational costs. Critical issues, relevant to the participant’s own experiences, are identified and analyzed to maximize effectiveness and equipment care standards.


By the end of the program, participants will be able to :

  • Apply the latest concepts and techniques needed for effectively planning, scheduling, cost control and outage management
  • Manage routine, corrective, as well as large scale preventive maintenance activities.
  • Review the critical operational requirements for successful planning and control of the maintenance work.
  • Use the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the measurement and evaluation of the maintenance department.
  • Create more useful equipment and work histories


Course Contents :

  1. Basic of Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
    • Introduction to Maintenance Management
    • Maintainability
    • Reliability and Availability
    • Replacement
    • The Important of Maintenance Planning
    • Aspects of Maintenance Planning
    • Scheduling
  2. Detail Of Maintenance Work Planning, Scheduling and Control
    • Network terminology
    • Network Planning
    • Definition of Notifications, Defects, Deviations
    • Notification Process, Role & Principle
    • Prioritizing Notifications
    • Maintenance Schedule
    • Weekly Master Schedule
      • Master Schedule Purpose
      • Categorize the Outstanding Workload
      • Determine Resource Availability
      • Determine Equipment Non-utilization Profile
      • Develop Draft Master Schedule
      • Conduct Master Schedule Review Meeting
      • Final Master Schedule and Implementation
  3. Outage Management Program:
    • The determination of the outage work scope
    • Outage Scheduling
    • Making Work Package including resource requirements(human resource, material and tools) and means
    • Establishment of quality standards and objectives work
    • Establishment of the budget and costs
    • Determination method/standard communication procedure
    • Implementation of the overhaul (OH)
    • Reporting results of the overhaul (OH)
    • overhaul(OH)
    • Reporting results OH
  4. Cost Effective & Control Maintenance Management
    • Introduction to Cost Effective Maintenance Management
    • Key Maintenance Definitions
    • The Management Process in Maintenance
    • Maintenance and Competitive Advantage
    • Total Productive Maintenance
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • Budget Planning
    • Cost minimization through Lean thinking
    • Maintenance Cost control, Budget and estimation
  5. Maintenance Performance and Standardization
    • Performance Measurement
    • CMMS & Maintenance Statistic
    • Key Performance Indicators in Maintenance
    • Measurement Outage Management (KPI & Maturity Level)
    • Standardization in Maintenance


Who Should Attend :

This training is recommended to be followed by the Engineer, Managers and Planners who responsible for Maintenance Planning, Scheduling, Cost Control & Outage Management.


Methods :

  • Lecturing
  • Discussion/Sharing
  • Case Study
  • Simulation
  • Evaluation

Instructor :

Team Trainer FEI Training

Durasi Training : 3 hari

Venue : Bandung

Investment :

  • Rp 6.000.000,- / Peserta

Termasuk :

  1. Materi hand-Out
  2. Softcopy materi (Flash disk)
  3. Sertifikat
  4. ATK (NoteBook dan Ballpoint)
  5. Tas kerja 3in1
  6. Foto Training
  7. Meeting room di hotel berbintang
  8. Lunch dan 2x coffee break
  9. Transportasi untuk peserta dari hotel penginapan ke hotel tempat training


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Daftar Training